Owner Operators
Share your experience working with freight brokers.

Why is it important to monitor the freight brokers you work with?

Let's just put it this way: How about saving thousands of dollars?

Here is a simple example. After the load is delivered, you have to wait for the payment for up to 45 days - sometimes even longer - or use a factoring company to get the money in a few days.

However, unfortunately, there is always a chance that a broker just stops paying invoices, for whatever reason. If you are long enough in this business, you've heard that it happens. But if you monitor this broker and some other owner or carrier raises a complaint, you will be notified by email.

And, as you know, the broker's $75,000 bond is being used to cover the unpaid deals on a first come first served basis. The sooner you know that something is happening and apply, the better are chances to get paid by the bond.

Why link my account to my company?

Once your free account is linked to a USDOT number of your company, you can post reviews on brokers you work with and reply on reviews for your own company. Share your feedback and experience, support the good business partners by a good rating score, and let the others know about the not-so-good ones.

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Liar deceitful
This driver damaged my car and refuses to give me his insurance information Angelo Transportation LLC 25 Mack Rd lillington, NC 27546 MC Number: 1220798
Ellison Parker
Parker has been a great broker so far. Yesterday Night Ive send an email, interesting on a load. Today, First time in the morning, Parker reply with info and ended up confirming the load. Easy steps and path. Very professional so far.
Load Payment
I deliver Load for this company and the owner name is Brown Owne he is not answering to my phone and my email, please don't do business with this company they thief
it is a very busy company that works on time pick up and also delivery at any time
it is a very busy company that works on time pick up and also delivery at any time
3152797 ALIBO LLC
On time
On time always for pick and delivery