Owner Operators
Share your experience working with freight brokers.

Why is it important to monitor the freight brokers you work with?

Let's just put it this way: How about saving thousands of dollars?

Here is a simple example. After the load is delivered, you have to wait for the payment for up to 45 days - sometimes even longer - or use a factoring company to get the money in a few days.

However, unfortunately, there is always a chance that a broker just stops paying invoices, for whatever reason. If you are long enough in this business, you've heard that it happens. But if you monitor this broker and some other owner or carrier raises a complaint, you will be notified by email.

And, as you know, the broker's $75,000 bond is being used to cover the unpaid deals on a first come first served basis. The sooner you know that something is happening and apply, the better are chances to get paid by the bond.

Why link my account to my company?

Once your free account is linked to a USDOT number of your company, you can post reviews on brokers you work with and reply on reviews for your own company. Share your feedback and experience, support the good business partners by a good rating score, and let the others know about the not-so-good ones.

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Horrible company
Worse company ever !!! It took them 10 days to let me know they can’t deliver my car to VA from NJ. Had 5 cars delivered from the same zip code while waiting for them . When I asked why the delay they hang up on me.
Double Broker Scam
Apparently they have been reported 12 times in the last week for double broker, inflating rates and not paying carriers. https://www.brokerwatchlist.com/tgx-logistics-inc/
False claims no pay
Company brought me on as a dispatcher / freight broker after about a month of working with them discovered they do not have brokerage authority. When I contacted management AKA Mike Nolan about this I was immediately locked out of all company sites and to date the company still has not paid me for work completed.
i recommend!
this company was on time & kept me updated throughout the process. they are trustworthy & their prices aren’t outrageous like some transporting services normally are. i highly recommend u wont be disappointed.
un reliable
dont work for this company, or dont be a customer, most unreliable company around, how do they stay in bussiness.