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Why is it important to monitor the freight brokers you work with?

Let's just put it this way: How about saving thousands of dollars?

Here is a simple example. After the load is delivered, you have to wait for the payment for up to 45 days - sometimes even longer - or use a factoring company to get the money in a few days.

However, unfortunately, there is always a chance that a broker just stops paying invoices, for whatever reason. If you are long enough in this business, you've heard that it happens. But if you monitor this broker and some other owner or carrier raises a complaint, you will be notified by email.

And, as you know, the broker's $75,000 bond is being used to cover the unpaid deals on a first come first served basis. The sooner you know that something is happening and apply, the better are chances to get paid by the bond.

Why link my account to my company?

Once your free account is linked to a USDOT number of your company, you can post reviews on brokers you work with and reply on reviews for your own company. Share your feedback and experience, support the good business partners by a good rating score, and let the others know about the not-so-good ones.

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5 stars
Worked 1 load with this company. No negative issues.
These guys are thieves!!!
My roadside assistance sent these guys to tow my vehicle. They're about 23 and been in business a month. Instead of putting my car keys in the drop box they put them under a mat and wouldn't ya know it later on someone comes up and takes the license plate off the back without checking to see if it's even unlocked. Looks like somebody had insider information. Crooks!
Destroyed my Jeep Grand Cherokee when transporting it.
My Jeep Grand Cherokee was loaded below an old pickup truck and the engine fell out of the pickup truck through the windshield of my Jeep. It also mashed the hood and roof. The JEEP was TOTALED and their insurance paid me, but they did not pay their $2,500 deductible. This is a husband and wife team. Neil and Bridgette are both friendly. But even though they have been instructed by the insurance company to pay the deductible, and they have promised to pay the deductible numerous times, it has been over a year and they have paid only $1. They have not kept their word or done the right thing. I will update this post if they ever do...
2967372 JET614 EXPRESS INC
Incompetent driver
Stupid driver went into residential area pulling out cable lines. People are working from home losing income
Total Creep
Had this guy do some runs for my company. Seemed like a recovery addict so I gave him a shot. Turns out he was sending inappropriate pics to my wife behind my back. This bald headed loser is an addict.