Freight Brokers
Check authority and reviews on your carriers.

Why is it so important to monitor the carriers you're working with?

In transportation business, choosing the right carrier is essential. In order to keep up with carrier's current situation, you need to check the FMCSA company snapshot and the Federal Authority status, to make sure the company is operational and the Active Insurance is properly maintained.

Having 5-10 new carriers every day, with dozens of others you worked with before, it might be way too much time consuming to check them all. With our Monitoring and Alerting service, we eliminate this headache from your day to day routine.

We check all your carriers for you, every day, so you can focus on your business, significantly improving efficiency, carrier qualification process and decision making time. Let alone fast companies lookup, advanced search, viewing history and other convenient features.

Just add these companies to the monitoring list, and you will get email alerts about any changes in their profile details. Authorization, Operating status, Insurance, HazMat permit and registration, SmartWay and Carb TRU compliance, Federal Government business relations and more - we'll keep you updated.

Create a free account now and get 30 days of Premium access to the full data and unlimited monitoring features.

What do we monitor?

General Company profile: Name/DBA, Operating status, Duns, Entity types, Operations, Classification, Authorization, Commodities list.
Contact information: addresses, phones, emails.
Fleet details: MCS150 Form information, Drivers, Power units, SmartWay partnership, CARB TRU compliance based on the information provided by the California Air Resources Board.
HazMat information: Hazardous Materials Safety Permit (HMSP), Hazardous Material Registration Profile (PHMSA).
Safety details, Rating score, Reviews and more.

Why read and post reviews?

There are hundreds of thousands carriers out there. Hundreds companies are being opened and closed every day. Reliability, quality, accuracy, business attitude - there is no other such a precious source of information like trusted reviews.

Happy with some carrier? Appreciate and support it with a good rating score. Some company let you down? Well, unfortunately, it happens - but don't just pass it silently, let the others know and be aware. Let your words matter.

Let's make our industry healthier, more transparent and reliable. After all, it's a win-win, for all of us. As a complete transportation companies directory, USDOT411 is a perfect place to share your feedback, experience and opinion.

What are the trusted reviews?

Everybody can post a review and rate any company. But how to make sure you can trust them? In our system, account can be linked to a USDOT number. Once it's linked and verified, it represents this USDOT holding company and can post the trusted reviews, as well as reply to the reviews on this company itself.

Only these trusted reviews are affecting the overall company's score, and only the last rating is counted.

5 stars
Worked 1 load with this company. No negative issues.
These guys are thieves!!!
My roadside assistance sent these guys to tow my vehicle. They're about 23 and been in business a month. Instead of putting my car keys in the drop box they put them under a mat and wouldn't ya know it later on someone comes up and takes the license plate off the back without checking to see if it's even unlocked. Looks like somebody had insider information. Crooks!
Destroyed my Jeep Grand Cherokee when transporting it.
My Jeep Grand Cherokee was loaded below an old pickup truck and the engine fell out of the pickup truck through the windshield of my Jeep. It also mashed the hood and roof. The JEEP was TOTALED and their insurance paid me, but they did not pay their $2,500 deductible. This is a husband and wife team. Neil and Bridgette are both friendly. But even though they have been instructed by the insurance company to pay the deductible, and they have promised to pay the deductible numerous times, it has been over a year and they have paid only $1. They have not kept their word or done the right thing. I will update this post if they ever do...
2967372 JET614 EXPRESS INC
Incompetent driver
Stupid driver went into residential area pulling out cable lines. People are working from home losing income
Total Creep
Had this guy do some runs for my company. Seemed like a recovery addict so I gave him a shot. Turns out he was sending inappropriate pics to my wife behind my back. This bald headed loser is an addict.