Get brokers authority and other details.

Why is it important to monitor the freight brokers you work with?

When working with brokers, you have to make sure that their authorities and bonds are in a good state and properly maintained. How many brokers do you have to check every day, and how much time does your dispatcher spend on that?

With our monitoring and alerting services, you can get rid of this routine and significantly save your time and money, at the same time improving your awareness of the brokers you work with. We will monitor all the key details for you, every day, and send you email alerts whenever something is changed.

There is always a chance that a broker just stops paying invoices, for whatever reason. If you are long enough in this business, you've heard that it happens. But if you monitor this broker and some other owner or carrier raises a complaint, you will be notified by email.

And, as you know, the broker's $75,000 bond is being used to cover the unpaid deals on a first come first served basis. The sooner you know that something is happening and apply, the better are chances to get paid by the bond.

Why link my account to my company?

Once your free account is linked to a USDOT number of your company, you can post reviews on brokers you work with and reply on reviews for your own company. Share your feedback and experience, support the good business partners by a good rating score, and let the others know about the not-so-good ones.

Create a free account now and get 30 days of Premium access to the full data and unlimited monitoring features.

These people must be banned from the USDOT and also strict action should be taken. He was trying to do double brokrage with intention to no pay to next carrier 1. PU ; Teh Tung Corp (11/01/23) 2. Del ; Americold (11/06/23) 3. Double Brokerage 4. The load price of $6500 has not been paid yet
This Company isn't allowed to do business then why they're doing business with fake name
Some days ago they called me about shipment of my vehicle and pretend like someone els's company which is Auto Movers or Auto Haulerz. But when i do some research i've found they belongs to sterling star llc and they're using fake details of someone's company who is in california i think. They are using cards of customers for random purchases, withdrawing money from the calls and if you decided to go with them they will take the upfront and simply fly away. Many people already submitted the fraud report but still there's no action. These people must be banned from the USDOT and also strict action should be taken.
Kenneth Mckinnon
Mr. mckinnion is fraud, con artist, and scammer.
a one
nice app
Fly By Night Operation with little regard for Customers
An overall terrible experience!! Lied about pick up and delivery time, charged me $1,000 more, did NOT tell me that they were going to store my items, arrived 11 days after I said I needed delivery. Some items broken, boxes mangled, some items missing. I filed a claim and they agreed to send measly check for $50.00 that I still have not received months later. They don't give a damn.