Get brokers authority and other details.

Why is it important to monitor the freight brokers you work with?

When working with brokers, you have to make sure that their authorities and bonds are in a good state and properly maintained. How many brokers do you have to check every day, and how much time does your dispatcher spend on that?

With our monitoring and alerting services, you can get rid of this routine and significantly save your time and money, at the same time improving your awareness of the brokers you work with. We will monitor all the key details for you, every day, and send you email alerts whenever something is changed.

There is always a chance that a broker just stops paying invoices, for whatever reason. If you are long enough in this business, you've heard that it happens. But if you monitor this broker and some other owner or carrier raises a complaint, you will be notified by email.

And, as you know, the broker's $75,000 bond is being used to cover the unpaid deals on a first come first served basis. The sooner you know that something is happening and apply, the better are chances to get paid by the bond.

Why link my account to my company?

Once your free account is linked to a USDOT number of your company, you can post reviews on brokers you work with and reply on reviews for your own company. Share your feedback and experience, support the good business partners by a good rating score, and let the others know about the not-so-good ones.

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They don't pay.
I was their dispatcher and they have refused to pay.
They are unreliable, liars, & scammers. When I contracted with them, I got a price of $1900 by the time it was done we had to pay over $5000. Yes, we did have more items then originally quoted but I called to let them know there would be more prior to pick up. The guys who loaded the truck scammed us by telling us the cubic feet was more than it really was They said they needed a 2-day window to pick up, so I gave them Sunday & Monday. They did not show up until Tuesday, 2 hrs before we were flying out. I was even bringing boxes to the truck while one of their guys was on the phone with his significant other. They would not return phone calls. Our stuff went n a warehouse for a couple of weeks & then after several weeks of trying to get the furniture delivered, I find out the truck was pulled over by the cops. When the cops ran the plates, the truck came up stolen.The truck was rented, & the drivers thought the contract was extended, but is wan't so the rental company reported it stolen.THE the cops find a gun, drugs, & paraphernalia. The cops then go thru 20 boxes of our stuff. I was told on several occasions that I would get a discount & be able to speak to the owner regarding all of this, but I DID NOT. I had to get a copy of the police report to find out what was going on & where our items were impounded too.I found out the truck was no longer impounded & they still would't return my call to tell me when Iwould be delivery. I had to open an investigation with the sheriff’s department to finally get them to contact me. When they finally called me, they said they were delivering that day. I sais that was not convenient, & they told me if we did't accept the delivery they would put our stuff back in a warehouse & we would have to pay more $ to get it . I had to rush around and rearrange my schedule to accommodate them. Items were delivered filthy, broken, and missing and I once again cannot get them to call me back to discuss this.
Liar deceitful
This driver damaged my car and refuses to give me his insurance information Angelo Transportation LLC 25 Mack Rd lillington, NC 27546 MC Number: 1220798
Ellison Parker
Parker has been a great broker so far. Yesterday Night Ive send an email, interesting on a load. Today, First time in the morning, Parker reply with info and ended up confirming the load. Easy steps and path. Very professional so far.
Load Payment
I deliver Load for this company and the owner name is Brown Owne he is not answering to my phone and my email, please don't do business with this company they thief